Repair of Kindergarten "Prolet", village of Draginovo

"Reconstruction, equipment and furnishing of the building of Kindergarten" Spring "/ spot № 1, 2, 3 / and construction of a one-storey extension for kindergarten / spot № 4 /", village of Draginovo.
Building 1 and Building 2: The design situation envisages demolition of the existing buildings and construction of new ones with metal construction and covering with facade and roof sandwich thermal panels with mineral wool filling and installation of new joinery. The new buildings have a total area of ​​660 m2.
Building 3: The project proposal envisages a partial reconstruction of the building and the construction of an extension to the east of the main entrance. It is planned to completely replace the windows, repair the roof and install thermal insulation on the facade.
The total area of ​​the building is 283 m2.
Building 4: The fourth building is a completely newly designed building with an area of ​​223 m2, made of metal supporting structure, clad with facade and roof sandwich thermal panels filled with mineral wool.
For all buildings a complete replacement of electrical and plumbing installations, repair of HVAC system and all finishing works is provided.
In the yard it is planned to separate six playgrounds, to place two wooden pavilions in the lawns and a stage with pergola covering, all wooden construction.