Multifunctional sports hall in the town of Bqla

The investment project envisages the construction of a multifunctional sports hall.
The solution of the building is one-storey, without a basement level. The hall will have monolithic foundations and a steel supporting structure.
The total built-up area of ​​the building is 1900 m2 with a height of 15 m.
The building will house 50,000 kg of reinforcement, 770 m2 of concrete and 180,500 kg of steel structure with enclosing elements of thermal panels - 3500 m2. p.
All installations will be built - electrical, plumbing and HVAC.
The stands for spectators will be equipped with seats for 450 people and additional seats for people with disabilities.
The building will be functionally divided into three zones - the area "Public access and service", the area "Athletes" and the area "Playground and grandstand audience".
The sports field is 22/44 m in size, the clear height is 12.5 m and allows indoor games according to the standards of the federation: volleyball, basketball, handball, soccer, badminton and more.