Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Roads in Radnevo Municip.

Reconstruction and rehabilitation of municipal roads SZR 1156, SZR 1173, SZR 2152, SZR 1155 in the municipality of Radnevo.
The total length of the roads is 11735 meters.
The construction and installation works that are performed are: Restoration of the operational characteristics of the asphalt pavement by cold recycling - 49800 m2, technological milling - 8970 m2, laying of asphalt - 19650 tons, dismantling of old and installation of new curbs - 2255 m, dismantling of old and installation of new paving slabs - 332 m2, laying of HDPE pipes for pulling optical cables - 22502 m, construction of drainage trenches - 4300 m3, delivery and laying of rock material for banquets - 5600 m3, delivery and installation of road signs - 166 pieces, laying of new horizontal marking - 4094 m2, delivery and installation of a new restrictive restraint system - 1498 meters.