Rehabilitation of a central city part, Igoto bridge, Avraam Gach

Rehabilitation of a city park in the administrative center of Gabrovo. Park and decorative lighting, playground, rehabilitation of alleys and elements of the infrastructure, landscaping. Laying of 2700 m2 sidewalk slabs and new asphalt pavement. Automated underground irrigation system.
Reconstruction of Avraam Gachev street. Construction of a new 180 m retaining wall of Yantra river, construction of a new street with a bike lane, 9000 m2 asphalt covering and street lighting. Construction of a new playground, complete landscaping and development of the alleys.
Under a project for rehabilitation, reconstruction, development and expansion, a video surveillance system for parks, playgrounds, streets and space between apartment buildings in the town of Gabrovo. Client – Gabrovo Municipality, within the project "Creation of an attractive physical environment of Gabrovo through integrated measures for urban recovery and development", implemented with the financial support of the Operational Programme "Regional Development 2007 - 2013", co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.