Multifunctional sports hall in the town of Sandanski

The investment project envisages the construction of a multifunctional sports hall with stands for 500 seats and a separate parking lot for 65 cars and 4 buses to it, as the required number of parking spaces for people with disabilities is provided. Area of ​​the property - 20 630 m2, total area - 2 753 m2.
The building will be fitted with 78,000 kg of reinforcement, 1,230 m3 of concrete and 155,000 kg of steel structure with enclosing elements of thermal panels 10 cm - 2,500 m2. The roof is designed to be filled with cotton wool and a roofing membrane - 2,000 m2. All installations will be built - Electrical, plumbing and HVAC. A vertical planning of the surrounding area will be made with a separate parking lot and green areas. The main body consists of the playing field and the stands. The playing area measures 44/22 m, the clear height - 12.50 m. The building will meet all European standards for indoor sports competitions: volleyball, basketball, handball, indoor soccer, tennis, badminton.