Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Roads in Velingrad Municip.

“Reconstruction and rehabilitation of sections of municipal roads in Velingrad municipality, including the following sites: road PAZ1061 from the outskirts of Velingrad to the center of Draginovo and construction of a new road PAZ2063 from the junction after the village of Ablanitsa to the beginning of Tsvetino village, Velingrad municipality, Pazardzhik District

The total length of both roads is 5220 meters.
The main construction and installation works that will be performed are cold recycling of the asphalt pavement - 20550 m2, laying of two layers of asphalt - 27800 m2, dismantling of old and installation of new curbs and concrete strips - 3020 m, dismantling of old and installation of new paving slabs. -1480 m2, laying of HDPE pipes for pulling optical cables - 10440 m, construction of drainage trenches - 1650 m3, delivery and laying of rock material for banquets - 3220 m3, delivery and installation of road signs - 186 pcs., Laying of new horizontal marking of pearl paint - 2220 m2.