Renovation of Vazrazhdane Square, Belogradchik

The site has a total area of ​​7727 sq.m. and includes delivery and laying of new concrete pavements with a total area of ​​3007.19 sq. m., as well as construction of a new sand base - 437.55 m3, a new alley and access ramps. Replacement of fountain linings and caps with limestone, delivery and installation of new steel and wood benches. Pergolas and new seats overlooking the stage were built. Landscaping activities - delivery and planting of deciduous and coniferous trees and shrubs, flowering vegetation and other plants / 2508 /. The existing pots were replaced with new ones - 45 pcs. new baskets of waste were delivered - 18 pcs. To ensure safety, a fence was built - 124.40 m, and for ramps and stairs a railing was installed - 113.00 m.
The excavation works are 111.00 m3, the concrete works - 87.91 m3, the reinforcement works - 4125.00 kg and the formwork works - 332.25 sq. M. New lighting has been built with 39 pieces. LED park luminaires with indirect light distribution on poles with a height of 4.50 m and 3.50 m, for this purpose a completely new power supply system with single cable shafts was implemented.