Reconstruction of streets in Dve Mogili municipality

The site is a reconstruction of the streets of Dve Mogili municipality.
The total area of ​​the streets is 13,903 m2.
The main construction and installation works, which are performed: dismantling of old and installation of new curbs - 3 991 m; demolition of an old pavement made of concrete slabs and installation of new ones - 1,567 m2; demolition of old pavement and excavation for the base - 5 639 m3; delivery and laying of crushed - rock fraction for base - 5 882 m3; laying of loose asphalt concrete (binder) - 1,342 tons; laying of dense asphalt concrete mixture - 13 903 m2; laying horizontal markings - 400 m2; installation of road signs - 59 pcs.