Dimitar Dimitrov Substation - overhaul

The site is the second category, the building is designed for indoor distribution system 35 kV. With the construction and installation works carried out according to a project, the purpose of the building is changed to administrative.For this purpose, a new reinforced concrete ladder was made to reach a new level of elevation +6.10. The newly designed level is made of steel structure weighing 4500 kg.
The second floor is completely rebuilt with the help of partition and pillar walls of plasterboard 260m2, four working rooms are separated, a communication room, a bathroom with two toilets and a common entrance hall.There is a suspended ceiling of double fire-resistant gypsum plasterboard 98m2, the floors are covered with homogeneous antibacterial flooring in rolls, linoleum type 98m2.
On the newly built third floor are formed two larger working rooms 120m2, suspended ceiling type Armstrong 98m2. After the change of purpose, 43 jobs are planned in the building. A central ventilation and fire alarm system has been developed for the offices.
The total built-up area of ​​the building is 395.75 m2. The facades are insulated with stone wool, 10 cm thick.