Improvement of the terrain "Bozhkovska Polyana" and a bridge fac

The total area of the property for improvement is 9430.00 m2
The construction and installation works that are being performed are: excavation works - 988.00 m3, concrete works - 56.67 m3, embankment for a base of crushed stone - 855.00 m3, delivery and laying of paving stones - 1654.00 m2 , delivery and installation of concrete curbs - 1137.00 m. There are 3 playgrounds for children 3-7 years, 7-12 years and children over 12 years. Benches, tables, garden barbecues, pergolas with benches and baskets are used to improve the recreation areas. Completed delivery and installation of 245.00 m2 of shock-absorbing flooring under the facilities have been performed. Landscaping activities have been carried out, park lighting, power supply, video surveillance and other activities have been built according to the project documentation.